What information do we collect, and why?

Email address

When you first run Metarove, we ask you for your email address.

We use your email address to identify you when the app is requesting information from our servers on your behalf

We will email you at your nominated email address if there is a significant change to the app likely to require action on your part, or if this privacy policy changes.

Place searches

Whenever you search for a destination, your selected destination is sent to Metarove's servers, and stored alongside your email address.

This helps us diagnose any problems you report, and helps us provide you with relevant results in Metarove's main screen.

Your location

We require your location to allow most of the app's feature's to function properly.

The app uses a number of techniques to estimate your location using a variety of sensors in your phone. This information allows us to provide you with the most relevant and accurate route information.

Your location will be sent to the server when a trip plan is requested or updated.

Your location may also be periodically sent to the server if the app thinks you are on a public transport vehicle. This is used to help Metarove better understand the performance of the public transport network in your area.

Switching off location services on your phone will prevent us from collecting this information, but will obviously also drastically reduce the usefulness of the app.

This location data will be stored on our servers alongside your email address for up to a month, after which the data will be aggregated and anonymised.

During beta test only, we may collect other location and motion data from your phone to help us tune the application. This data may be held for up to a month before being deleted. Beta testers will be notified once we release publicly, at which point the extra location and motion data will be deleted.

IP address

Whenever the app communicates with our servers, your IP address and some details of the request will be logged. These logs may be held for up to a month before being cleared.

Other information

Users taking part in advanced beta trials (currently only relevant in Sydney) will have given us their real name when they signed up to take part in the trial. We store these names in a separate database.

Details of all written correspondence including support requests and feedback supplied through social media, email or post will be recorded and kept indefinitely as part of our quality control processes.

Do we share your data with third parties?

The mapping and place search features of Metarove are supplied by Google under their own privacy policy.

We will never share your email address, identifiable data or individual location data with any third party, except as required by law.

How do we protect your data?

All communications between your device and our servers are transmitted securely using industry standard SSL encryption.

Location data associated with your account is regularly anonymised.

Can you access information we hold about you?

Our data is structured in such a way that it is extremely difficult to extract a single users' data. We are therefore only able to honour such requests on a case-by-case basis. Please contact support if you have concerns regarding data we hold about you.

Users can however request that we remove information we hold associated with their email address. Users should consider uninstalling Metarove before making such a request if further data collection is not wanted. You should then contact support to request that your information be removed and/or anonymised.